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Crosman Optimus Review

Crosman Optimus – Click to enlarge

The Crosman Optimus is easily one of the most powerful air rifles in its price range. It’s easy to shoot, has a handsome stock and once zeroed in, is deadly accurate. I’m fond of Crosman air rifles, and the Optimus was a fun one to review.

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Specs and Build

The Optimus is a .177 caliber spring-piston break barrel rifle. With an ambidextrous wood stock, this rifle is a thing of beauty. It comes with a scope, fixed front and adjustable rear sightings, and a two-stage adjustable trigger.

At 6.5lbs, this rifle has some weight to it, but it has a solid build. Some air rifles in this price range feel cheap, but there’s nothing cheap about the Optimus. It looks good and it shoots well too.

Loud and Powerful

With a whopping velocity of 1200 FPS, this is a powerful air rifle. But be warned – it can be loud too. It may be a .177, but it cracks like a .22.

I was surprised by the power of this rifle. I shot straight through a 1/4” piece of wood with hollow point pellets. You’ll have no problems using this rifle for target shooting or small pest elimination.

Accurate, But Zeroing Takes Time

The Optimus is highly accurate, but zeroing in will take some time. Normally, it only takes a few shots for me to zero in, but I had a tough time with this one. The sights were off right out of the box, but mine may have been a fluke. Others claim their rifle was dead-on accurate from the get go.

If you’re not a fan scopes, this rifle does have fixed front and adjustable rear sights. The scope is satisfactory. For the average shooter, I really don’t see a need to upgrade it.

Once I was zeroed in, I had no problems getting tight groupings after the break in period. It only took me about 30-40 shots to break this rifle in. With the two-stage adjustable trigger and the right shooting form, you’ll be surprised by just how accurate this rifle can be.


The power of this rifle really surprised me. It may be a .177, but it shoots fast and hard. I’ve used it for small game hunting and target shooting, and it excels at both. I love the look of the Optimus, and it’s very easy to shoot. Beginners won’t have a problem shooting this rifle.


The Optimus is a little on the heavy side at 6.5 pounds without the scope. It’s also louder than I expected, but it seems like all high-powered spring-piston rifles are loud. To me, it sounded like a .22 going off. The sound and weight of the rifle shouldn’t be a deterrent by any means.

The Bottom Line

If you want power and accuracy, the Optimus is a solid choice. Priced on the lower end compared to other similar air rifles, it’s hard to find another air rifle of the same quality with the same level of power and accuracy. For small game hunting, pest elimination and target shooting, I would recommend the Crosman Optimus to shooters of all experience levels.

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